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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Courses in Dubai UAE involves the use of electricity to solve problems related to energy, the environment, transportation, communications, health care, and a host of other areas that have an important impact upon society.

M-EE Earthing, Bonding, Lightning & Surge Protection of Electrical & Electronic Systems and Equipment JAN 10-12 3 Days
M-EE Electric Distribution System Equipment's JAN 17-19 3 Days
M-EE Electrical Equipment's & Control System JAN 24-26 3 Days
M-EE Load Forecasting and System Upgrade FEB 09-11 3 Days
M-EE LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers & Switchgears: Design, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Troubleshooting FEB 16-18 3 Days
M-EE Maintenance and Troubleshooting of UPS Systems and Battery Power Supplies FEB 23-25 3 Days
M-EE Modern Power System Protective Relaying MARCH 07-09 3 Days
M-EE Motors & Variable Speed Drives: Selection, Applications, Operation, Diagnostic Testing, Protection, Control MARCH 14-16 3 Days
M-EE Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment MARCH 28-30 3 Days
M-EE Power Transformers MAY 25-27 3 Days
M-EE Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Operation Gas Turbine-Part 1 JUNE 06-08 3 Days
M-EE Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Operation Gas Turbine-Part 2 JUNE 20-22 3 Days
M-EE Electromechanical Engineering for Non- Engineers JULY06-08 3 Days
M-EE Protection & Relay Setting for Electrical Power System Elements JULY 20-22 3 Days
M-EE Motors and Variable Frequency Drives (Maintenance & Troubleshooting)   AUG 08-10 3 Days
M-EE Energy Conservation & Demand Side Load Management AUG 15-17 3 Days
M-EE Planning of Electric Power Distribution AUG 29-31 3 Days
M-EE Economic Dispatch & Grid Stability Constraints in Power System SEPT 06-08 3 Days
M-EE SCADA/EMS for Power System Dispatch Center SEPT 13-15 3 Days
M-EE Voltage Control Regulation in Transmission & Distribution Network SEPT 26-28 3 Days
M-EE Energy Planning: Fuel Optimization, Renewables & Reliability Standards OCT 03-05 3 Days
M-EE Electrical Fault Diagnosis & Preventing Cascading Blackouts OCT 12-14 3 Days
M-EE Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Smart Grid OCT 26-28 3 Days
M-EE Transmission Substation Inspection and Reporting NOV 02-04 3 Days
M-EE Power System Dispatch for Control Room Operators and Technicians NOV09-11 3 Days
M-EE Tariff for Energy Supply with Power Purchasing Agreement (Advanced Level) NOV 16-18 3 Days
M-EE Electrical Utility Communications & Smart Grid Technologies  NOV 23-25 3 Days
M-EE Electrical Load and Energy Forecasting, Planning & Demand Side Management NOV 21-24 4 Days
M-EE Planning & Operating Electricity Grids with Variable Renewable Generation  DEC 05-09 5 Days
M-EE Power Cable Specifications, Performance, Maintenance and Testing DEC 12-16 5 Days
M-EE MV & LV Switchgears Operation Maintenance & Troubleshooting DEC 19-21 3 Days
M-EE ARC Flash Hazard Analysis: Impact, Control & Safety DEC 21-23 3 Days
M-EE Automation Electricity Technologies and Communication in Smart Grids DEC 26-28 3 Days
M-EE PSSE Package for Renewable Energies & Advanced Networks  DEC 27-29 3 Days
M-EE Renewable Energy: Thermal Solar System DEC 28-30 3 Days
M-EE Advanced Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement DEC 28-30 3 Days