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Oil & Gas Engineering

Oil & Gas Engineering Trainings in Dubai UAE It is also known as the exploration and production or E&P sector. This part of the petroleum industry includes all activities that happen out in the field including drilling wells, trucking supplies, and mining oil sands, as well as activities that involve different environmental studies and research analysis

M-OG  Screening of Oil Reservoirs for Enhanced Oil Recovery JAN 10-12 3 Days
M-OG Subsurface Production Operations JAN 17-19 3 Days
M-OG Advanced Casing & Tubing Design by Blade Energy JAN 24-26 3 Days
M-OG  Unconventional Resource and Reserve Evaluation  FEB 09-11 3 Days
M-OG  Well Completion Design & Operations, Well Stimulation and Workover Planning FEB 16-18 3 Days
M-OG Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers  FEB 23-25 3 Days
M-OG  Advanced Reservoir Simulation Technologies MARCH 07-09 3 Days
M-OG Petroleum Risk and Decision Analysis MARCH 14-16 3 Days
M-OG  High Pressure High Temperature Drilling MARCH 28-30 3 Days
M-OG Well Testing & Production Optimization Operations MAY 25-27 3 Days
M-OG Surface Facilities & Production Operations   JUNE 06-08 3 Days
M-OG Onshore Pipeline Facilities, Design, Construction and Operations JUNE 20-22 3 Days
M-OG Oil Production and Processing Facilities JULY06-08 3 Days
M-OG Drilling Well Control & Intervention: Optimization of Well Control  JULY 20-22 3 Days
M-OG Understanding Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Technology  AUG 08-10 3 Days
M-OG Basic Surface Facilities Part One: Process AUG 15-17 3 Days
M-OG Smart Well Drilling & Completion: Horizontal Wells & Integrity Concern AUG 29-31 3 Days
M-OG Natural Gas Liquefaction Process & Equipment Technology  SEPT 06-08 3 Days
M-OG Wellhead Optimization : Operation, Monitoring & Integrity   SEPT 13-15 3 Days
M-OG Offshore Pipeline & Subsea Integrity Strategic Management  SEPT 26-28 3 Days
M-OG Fundamentals of Offshore Systems Design and Construction OCT 03-05 3 Days
M-OG Surface Water Treatment & Water Injection Process Solutions  OCT 12-14 3 Days
M-OG Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Management OCT 26-28 3 Days
M-OG Reservoir Engineering - Practical Well Test Analysis and Interpretation  NOV 02-04 3 Days
M-OG Drilling Optimization & Well Planning NOV09-11 3 Days
M-OG Basic on Gas Compression Principles, Dehydration & Conditioning NOV 16-18 3 Days
M-OG Process Engineering Applied to Refining & Petrochemical Operation NOV 23-25 3 Days
M-OG Advanced Applications in Gas Processing  NOV 21-24 4 Days
M-OG Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers DEC 05-09 5 Days
M-OG Petroleum Engineering for Non-Petroleum Engineers DEC 12-16 5 Days
M-OG Natural Gas Production Processing & Transportation  DEC 19-21 3 Days
M-OG Oil Refining and Petrochemical Process Control Technology DEC 21-23 3 Days
M-OG Petroleum Refinery Processes : Profitability, Reliability & Impacts   DEC 26-28 3 Days
M-OG Business Strategy Management for Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry DEC 27-29 3 Days
M-OG Inspection of Subsea & Surface Wellhead  DEC 28-30 3 Days
M-OG Best Practice of Offshore Pipelines Engineering, Technical Specifications & Challenges  DEC 28-30 3 Days