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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Trainings in Dubai UAE is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves the active streamlining of a business's supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

M-SC Discard the Noise of Information JAN 10-12 3 Days
M-SC Operational Planning & Industrial Costing JAN 17-19 3 Days
M-SC Identification of bottlenecks & resolutions JAN 24-26 3 Days
M-SC Design of an Evaluation Assessment System FEB 09-11 3 Days
M-SC Meta-ERP era Go beyond conventional ERP systems FEB 16-18 3 Days
M-SC On-time Delivery Performance Improvement FEB 23-25 3 Days
M-SC Flexible Budgeting MARCH 07-09 3 Days
M-SC Red Queen's Tale-A methodology to Change Management MARCH 14-16 3 Days
M-SC Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies MARCH 28-30 3 Days
M-SC Inventory Management MAY 25-27 3 Days
M-SC Best Procurement Practices JUNE 06-08 3 Days
M-SC Advanced Materials Handling and Warehouse Arrangements JUNE 20-22 3 Days
M-SC Advanced Trends in Distribution and Storage Management JULY06-08 3 Days
M-SC Contract Negotiation and Effective Purchasing Strategies JULY 20-22 3 Days
M-SC  Effective Inventory Management Techniques and Control AUG 08-10 3 Days
M-SC International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code AUG 15-17 3 Days
M-SC Land Fleet Management AUG 29-31 3 Days
M-SC Materials Resources Planning SEPT 06-08 3 Days
M-SC Advanced Forecasting and Inventory Management SEPT 13-15 3 Days
M-SC Warehousing and Inventory Management SEPT 26-28 3 Days
M-SC Supply Chain Management for Supply and Procurement Managers OCT 03-05 3 Days
M-SC Contract Management and Tendering OCT 12-14 3 Days
M-SC  Managing Inventory Effectively OCT 26-28 3 Days
M-SC Project Management for Supply Chain Professionals NOV 02-04 3 Days
M-SC Inventory Management: Forecasting & Stock Control Techniques NOV09-11 3 Days
M-SC Procurement & Supply Chain Management Best Practices  NOV 16-18 3 Days
M-SC Supply Chain Strategies: Responsiveness & Advanced Topics  NOV 23-25 3 Days
M-SC Strategic Procurement & Purchasing NOV 21-24 4 Days
M-SC Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection DEC 05-09 5 Days
M-SC Shipping Document Controller DEC 12-16 5 Days
M-SC Inventory Management Techniques DEC 19-21 3 Days
M-SC Freight Forwarding, Freight Inspection & Import- Export Document DEC 21-23 3 Days
M-SC Inventory/Materials Management DEC 26-28 3 Days
M-SC Effective Warehouse Operation & Inventory Management DEC 27-29 3 Days
M-SC Measuring and Managing Performance in Supply Chain & Logistics Operation  DEC 28-30 3 Days
M-SC Ethical and Sustainable Procurement & Supply: Demonstrate Your Integrity  DEC 28-30 3 Days