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About Us

Training Services


In-House Trainings

  • CUSTOM-MADE: Training is tailored as per specific needs
  • ECCONOMICAL: In-House training is a cost-effective for group of candidates
  • FLEXIBILITY: Training sessions are set according to client requirements
  • COMPLIANT: Trainer is picked by the client and trainees to fit the exact proficiency level of the group
  • IMPORTANT: Well-adjusted to latest global industry standards and business requirements
  • TIME-EFFECTIVE: Traveling won’t consume your time. Courses are delivered on-site

Public Trainings

  • ATTRACTIVE JOURNEY'S Different destinations: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mekkah-Madina, Germany, Turkey, Asia, London, France
  • EXPERTS World Practiced Trainers that engage you in participative and cooperative training
  • WIDE-RANGING Time schedules
  • NETWORKING Connecting with different Industries and Business Leaders
  • CERTIFIED Internationally Recognized Accreditations

Training Methodologies

Our commitment to ensuring that all courses are practical, highly interactive, and action-oriented, and our training methodology reflects this. We also provide post-program support to help participants implement the changes they want to see.

  • Practical and Interactive
  • Presentations
  • Case studies, simulations and small projects
  • Video films, videotaping and playback
  • Individual action plans (to follow up and evaluate training results)
  • Assessment Questioner’s

Training Experts

MEC Program Leaders are Highly Experienced Practitioners. Program Leaders are drawn from respected supervisory agencies and International Accredited Institutions, from all regions of the world. In addition to leading sessions, they help develop program materials and case studies, and are available throughout the programs for individual and small-group discussions, helping participants to develop their Leadership Skills and find solutions to their Unique Challenges.


ISO 9001 /ISO 14001/ ISO 45001 Certifications & Transitions

ISO documentation and preparation of the SOP s, Manual, providing support in accordance with the ISO standards & OSHAD development services.

Safety Inspections: Lifting Equipment and Pressure Equipment

We offer Inspection and Testing Services of Pressure Vessels, Air Receivers, Compressors, Tanks, Fork Lift Inspection, Crane Inspection, Operator Training and Assessment, Lifting Accessories Inspection.

Electrical Inspection:

Tomography of the Electrical Panes, Fixed Wire Testing of Panels, Capacitor Bank, SMDB's DB's inspection, Earth Pit Inspection, Trip Test of MCCB's, MCB's, RCD's.